"We Bring Colors to People's Smile Everyday..."


Mahya Cosmetics has been a company dedicated to the manufacturing of Mineral Cosmetics, located in the city of Dallas,

Texas since 2000. Mahya Cosmetics offers 100% natural crushed minerals prepared using the highest quality of minerals

and antioxidans with health and environment consciousness. There are no harsh Chemicals, Paraben, Talc, Bismuth, Fragrance,

Gluten and ohter man-made products that have negative side effects with its use. Applying the Secrets of European Industry,

Mahya Mineral Makeup is manufactured with all natural minerals that are purified and ground into tiny particles that can be used on the skin freely.


Mahya's line of mineral cosmetics includes 100% natural and pure mineral foundations, mineral concealers,

mineral blushes, mineral bronzer-body shimmers, multi-purpose mineral eye-shadows, mineral lip glosses,

mineral lipsticks, mascaras, high end cosmetic brushes, cosmetic cases,

naturally formulated anti-aging skin care, primers and displays.



Our beauty regimen begins with "you". Our formulation is uniquely created to bring the natural beauty

out of every woman with the purest ingredients that nature has to offer. Our philosophy,

"Stop Masking, Start Unveiling the Natural Beauty from WIthin" is something we truly believe in and

want women to start living and believing themselves. For way to long, women have hidden beneath their makeup,

piling it on and masking their unique attributes they were born with instead of being proud and comfortable in their own skin.